How to create a butterfly garden — and promote pollination

Beautiful, perfumed flowers attract butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinators to the landscape. Not only does it add beauty, it serves a practical purpose: An estimated one of every three bites of human food depends on the work of a pollinator. Bees usually get all the glory as the better-known pollinators. However, butterflies can travel longer distances, so they can cover an equal amount of flowering plants in a larger area

Quick Guide: Chill Hours

Stone fruit trees love cold weather. In fact, stone fruit trees will tend to produce the most fruit when it’s nice and chilly outside, with the right number of winter hours. Well, out here in the Southwest we don’t necessarily have too many cold days that get below 45 degrees, so we tend to miss out on being able to grow many stone fruit varieties. Here’s the good news. Moon Valley Nurseries only grows and uses the low chill fruit varieties that perform the best for our area
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