Edible Landscaping Ideas for Every Space | The Grounds Guys

Fruits and vegetables don’t get any fresher than when they grow right on your property. And they can create quite beautiful scenery as well. When you have your own edible landscape, you can enjoy its artistic aesthetic while simultaneously indulging in the freshest produce imaginable! Edible garden landscaping may seem like a huge undertaking, but with guidance from The Grounds Guys®, you may find it much easier than expected. Explore our edible landscaping ideas,...

The Ultimate Guide to Pruning Roses for Healthy Growth – Westturf Landscape Management, Inc.

The Ultimate Guide to Pruning Roses for Healthy Growth Don’t you love roses? They’re a beautiful addition to any landscape; they transform any property with an alluring color when in bloom. When planted in rows, they’re a sight to behold. But if you want your roses to look extra luxurious, you need to know when and how to prune them. Before we dive into the when and how to prune roses, let’s discuss the why. It’s simple: to promote healthy growth and beautiful flowers.

How to create a butterfly garden — and promote pollination

Beautiful, perfumed flowers attract butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinators to the landscape. Not only does it add beauty, it serves a practical purpose: An estimated one of every three bites of human food depends on the work of a pollinator. Bees usually get all the glory as the better-known pollinators. However, butterflies can travel longer distances, so they can cover an equal amount of flowering plants in a larger area
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